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HWH Engage: Employee Recognition Software

Our cloud-based employee recognition software, HWH Engage, adds the spark of peer to peer social recognition to your employee engagement strategy. Build a culture of appreciation by strengthening connections no matter where your employees are.
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With our employee recognition software, you can set up a perk or points-based system. Set up a custom perks or points program with inspirational and tangible rewards centred on what your team loves.

Give your employees access to redeem from a huge range of gifts that employees can choose to commemorate their achievements with. “Accounting research shows non-cash rewards have greater impact. In mental accounting, non-cash rewards can go into the fun bucket.”

Rewards in our software are only limited by your creativity and can be tied in with whatever goal you are working towards, adding another layer of meaning to the recognition.

Recognise corporate values or employee long service, or anything you like with our employee recognition software.

You can access reports and charts exploring how engaged your employees are. Easily view information on how your recognition budget is being spent or what ROI you’re earning.

HWH Engage automatically integrates with your HR/Payroll system to offer a seamless recognition experience.