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Employee milestone service awards & values recognition programs.

H.W. Holdsworth Recognition and Rewards provides long service recognition and values recognition programs to corporate Australia and beyond.

All people appreciate and value being recognised, and recognition is one of the most powerful tools in your workplace.
Retention is one of the biggest issues facing businesses today. The return on investment of employee engagement is significant. Simple things make all the difference to staff retention, which is why employee length of service programs are now standard practice in leading organisations.
Retention of good, experienced staff is critical to any company's success. Our exciting and individualised approach to recognition and rewards can assist you in creating and maintaining a culture of empowerment and appreciation, giving you the edge.
Established in 1884, H.W. Holdsworth has branched into Recognition and Rewards and has a long history of success in helping companies effectively develop and implement their employee recognition programs.

Streamline employee recognition and incentives.

H.W. Holdsworth milestone awards provide reward, recognition and incentive solutions for corporate Australia.

We specialise in:

  1. Long service recognition and milestone award programs including gifts and personalised momentos
  2. Peer to peer social recognition/employee recognition software
  3. Custom recognition website builds
  4. Staff benefit programs - The Staff Shop
  5. Fulfillment
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Recognition gift of a luxury watch

The complete milestone package to recognise and celebrate with your employees.

  • Dedicated Milestone award gift and Recognition portal
  • Framed certificates, plaques & lapel pins
  • Corporate gift wrapping
  • Congratulatory letters & invitations
  • Secure data management


We're proud to partner with over 150 clients to celebrate 12,000 employee  awards each year.

"We celebrated Baz’s 5 year anniversary with the team with a breakfast BBQ, I presented Baz with his 5 year service certificate and he went online and chose the Gasmate portable BBQ, he thought it was a great gift!"

Manager, Industrial Waste Services , Surat Basin

"I love dealing with you and your team. Always on the ball and you always deliver."

LW, Executive Assistant, Newscorp Australia

"I have just learnt of your efforts to deliver a bike to one of our employees in Taiwan. What a fantastic story and what amazing service."

HR, Crown Melbourne Limited

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We can help you tailor your employee service recognition or values recogntion program.